The Great Singapore Sale!

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There's a shop in ION along the famous Orchard Road in Singapore which glass window says: "SALE is our favorite 4-letter word". That might be a smart selling proposition substituting "LOVE" with "SALE" but being a first time participant of the Great Singapore Sale, that word doesn't only mean business. It also means, tourism and a start of a modern day tradition.

Now on its 4th year, the Great Singapore Sale or the GSS lasts for 2 months: May 22- July 22, 2012. Yes, that's right. All you shopaholics out there still have a month, as of this writing, to go splurge in Singapore.  The GSS does not only target fashion retail shops but generally, about 80% of stores located in the city of Singapore are also included: books and publishing shops, home furniture stores, cosmetic lines, among others. 

Walking along the glamorous streets of Orchard and inside the very elegant Ion, a shopping mall, every corner and every glass window of every shop reads (and cries) "SALE!". I am not a shopaholic but I am overwhelmed by the humongous discounts being offered and I could just imagine the bulging eyes of every shopping addicts out there. Here you can see brands of every class and discounts ranging from as low as 20% to as huge as 80%. Consider this a teaser, but can you really resist an offer as great as this? 

Shopping in Orchard Road for the Great Singapore Sale requires great effort for an outfit. 
I'm not sure if this outfit is "great" but taking into consideration Singapore's very humid climate, 
this getup comes with great effort. 

Taken at Wheelock Place, Orchard Road last June 16, 2012
White Shirt: Gap l Vest: Folded and Hung l Open Cardigan: Bachelor's Pad
Shorts: Men's Wear at The Landmark l Belt: Oxygen l Gladiator Sandals: People Are People

One of Singapore's landmarks, ION is the centerpiece of Orchard Road. 
Just across it is another shoppers' haven, The Paragon.

Lookout shopaholics! It's SALE everywhere!
Here are the major brands and stores that make the Great Singapore Sale really the greatest: 
Forever 21
Wheelock Place Bazaar
 Star Three Sixty
Fred Perry

Here are the major brands and stores that make the Great Singapore Sale really, the greatest: 

The Box Showcase Ensemble
T. M Lewin
Prologue (bookstore)

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