Monday, July 21, 2014

From Lost To Luxe At The Marina Bay

It started as the most convenient train ride I've been. Singapore's MRT is the same as Hong Kong's when it comes to organization, size, comfort and speed but less crowded. However, as we approach the end of our trip following the MRT's yellow-labeled Circle Line, the luxury turned to confusion. 

We are on our way to Marina Bay Sands from Novena station which is just two blocks away from our hotel. After two train transfers, we boarded the red-labeled North South Line to the Circle Line. When I'm in Asian big cities, I always look forward to riding the train. I love deciding routes on where to alight, how many stations to travel and which direction is better to save time. It's like your own larger-than-life, reality show-inspired maze game which you can't experience, unfortunately, in Manila. But that time, I kind of wished we rode a taxi instead.

marina bay sands singapore
Lost, walked, found and worth it. This is the stunning view of the Marina Bay from the roof deck of the Marina Bay Sands. 

In 2012, the Thompson Line is not completed yet. It would have been a quick 6-station travel from Orchard to Marina Bay. During our Singapore trip two years ago, we need to use the Circle Line and the Circle Line Extension which boasts a subway connecting station that is so huge you cannot afford to commit a mistake. Walking from one end to another will absolutely eat up time and energy. We got off the HarbourFront station and we were hoping we could walk our way easily to the platform for that final train to the Marina Bay station. But easy wasn't the case. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Grown-up Gangster

she's dating the gangster review

The Urban Dictionary defines "Gangster" in two ways: (1) a wannabe thug, often illiterate and an inhabitant of a downtrodden ghetto that hangs around in "gangs"; (2) those behind an organized crime like the Mafia which are responsible for black market trade, espionage, assassinations, etc. 

These are too much of definitions if we talk about Daniel Padilla and his character in Star Cinema's "She's Dating The Gangster." Let go of our unrealistic glossary. We're not gonna see dirty sidewalks of slums and men in leather jackets here. In pop culture, the word "gangster" evolved from frightening to cute just as how the KathNiel tandem is evolving from being a teen craze to being serious actors.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Lifestyle Hub is nominated at the Globe Tatt Awards 2014!

Something great happened to The Lifestyle Hub this week. We are among the shortlisted blog sites for the Globe Tatt Awards Best Lifestyle Blog/ Microblog! I consider this nomination an achievement for my 2-year old blog which from the start had this one simple dream, to update you on how to live life the happiest and the best way you can.

vote for the lifestyle hub at the globe tatt awards 2014

I'm gonna need your votes as we are up against other amazing websites like Mad House Manila, When In Manila, Our Awesome Planet, and the Nomadic Experiences. In this field, The Lifestyle Hub has the simplest structure and we are among the babies so this nomination is nothing short of an honor. 

To vote, you can just log in to any of your social media, Facebook or Twitter, and go to this link click on the yellow VOTE button beside and you can share if you want to. Voting is ongoing and will end on August 3 with the winner to be announced on August 8. Votes comprise 50% of the total score with the other half of the percentage to be awarded by the Tatt Awards Council.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Biggest Fan Groups Vote For Their Fave Celebs at the Yahoo Awards

The Yahoo Celebrity Awards, revamped from the OMG moniker that it used in three previous editions, held another blockbuster awards night at the Mall of Asia Arena today, July 18, 2014. So far, it is the country's biggest measurement of fanbase, giving loyal followers sleepless nights to vote for the celebrities they support.

vice ganda social media star yahoo awards
Vice Ganda gets the Social Media Star award at this year's Yahoo Celebrity Awards

In the end, Sarah Geronimo's Popsters pulled ahead from a very close race against Julie Anne San Jose and her numerous fan groups to win Female Performer of the Year. Julie Anne denied the Popstar Princess this title last year that Sarah's fans doubled their efforts to secure a 2% lead in the last two days of voting. 

The Popsters lost steam though and appeared no match to the KimXis after Kim Chiu won over Sarah Geronimo in the Celebrity of the Year category. Kathryn Bernardo, who is backed by the solid KathNiel group, is the night's biggest upset after finishing only second in the category. Marian Rivera, whose fans may have exerted more efforts to award her FHM's Sexiest for the third straight year, is also nominated in the same category. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The LookBook of a 'Black Sheep'

andi eigenmann for black sheep

How many of our local young celebrities today can be honest and brave in embracing the what used to be a derogatory label "black sheep"? 

Andi Eigenmann, 24, and Andrea Nicole in real life has gone through a lot under the scrutinizing public eye from being a young mother to whirlwind romances and playing the bitch in her latest films. She declines to use these against herself and rather make these help her define as an actress with her own "sense of individuality." 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Five Birthdays and Five Fresh Faces from the Artist Center

Five of Artist Center's newest talents are celebrating their birthdays in the month of July. Their talent company has prepared a grand celebration for them of course in an afternoon of fun games with their fans at the Lazer Maxx in Eton Centris earlier today.

kenneth paul cruz, zadra summers, james wright, rafa siguion reyna, phytos ramirez birthday
The newest faces from the Kapuso block are celebrating their birthdays for the month of July. You're gonna be seeing more of these faces on TV soon. They are, (L-R) Kenneth Paul Cruz, Zandra Summers, James Wright, Rafa Siguion- Reyna and Phytos Ramirez. 

The Lifestyle Hub will provide you a brief trivia of each of the five birthday celebrators as we share some of the photos from the fun event. (",)