Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Girls of TV5's Wattpad Presents All Dolled Up

What have I learned in almost three years of social media marketing? That the teen girls market is worth all the effort. So what do teen girls like? There are so many. However, I'm sure that light romantic stories and fashion would be part of their top priorities.

wattpad presents tv5
The contrast of black or white and prints on Eula Caballero and Bianca King

We will explore both as we unveil the next batch of mini-series in Wattpad Presents, TV5's newest best attraction. New stories, which attracted millions of reads in the social network Wattpad, are coming to national television with some of the Kapatid's prettiest young actresses taking the lead. Let's talk about their roles and check out what they wore at last week's press conference. Below are the photos.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Tree Lighting at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

Christmas tree lighting at EDSA shangri-la

I regret missing the launch of the Swiss Month in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel but I was definitely there when they lighted the more than 20-feet Christmas tree at the lobby. Everyone was just excited to begin the Christmas season in one of the grandest hotels in Metro Manila. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Manila Hotel's 102nd Christmas Story

When staycation became an "it" word, just like Throwback Thursday and selfie, you'll be drawn to give closer attention to hotels in the city. The ones which could provide you a good night sleep or a relaxing wine night after driving just a few blocks away from your apartment. So I've tried a handful of hotels and there is nothing much like the century- old Manila Hotel

Maybe, that's the key - "century-old". We can't name another hotel in Manila that could be older or as old as 102 years. Despite the age, we can say that Manila Hotel is ageing gracefully and it is adapting to the modern times. It has a Twitter and an Instagram account! And just like other hotels, it is also celebrating Christmas in a grand fashion. 

christmas at the manila hotel

Last Friday, Manila City Mayor and former President Joseph Estrada turned on the switch to light not one but two giant Christmas trees at the very huge and sophisticated Manila Hotel lobby. It was really a quick affair but we have the world-renowned Las Pinas Children's Choir and good food to make the ceremony a night to remember. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Behind the scenes at Startalk's 19th Year Episode

Is watching showbiz-oriented shows one of your pastimes every weekend? If yes, I could somehow relate. Back when life was not complicated for me, weekend afternoon snacks are always paired with blind items, Fashion "tigbaks", crying actors and fans screaming for their favorite love teams. 

Although we've seen the decline of the number of showbiz-oriented shows, we see some survive and counted years on TV. Several years for Startalk's case which celebrated its 19th year on TV on October 1. If Wikipedia is accurate and if my calculations are right, the show aired its 982nd episode today, November 15, 2014. 

heart evangelista startalk 19 anniversary

A few online writers were given the chance to get a preview of what it is like behind the scenes in Startalk. I will post here some images which you might have seen in last week and today's episodes. 

The highlight of our visit was an interview with one of the show's hosts, Heart Evangelista. The sophisticated bride-to-be took time to sit down and talk with the bloggers to share about her hosting experiences as well as details of her wedding with Senator Chiz Escudero. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Globe's #Project1Phone

I've been swamped with events and writing assignments for weeks now and I have a hard time catching up with all the backlogs. But here's one thing that should be a priority. Something that could benefit the kids in Aklan. 

A month ago, I joined Globe in their campaign to collect old phones and send them to TES-AMM Philippines for recycling. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be used by Globe to build new schools in Aklan that were destroyed by typhoon Yolanda. Sounds pretty straightforward but collecting your pre-loved mobile phones is quite a challenge.